Shockwave therapy for ed: how it works

Shockwave therapy was being used for years to treat erectile dysfunction in trials. People with more minor cases of erectile dysfunction were seeing great results. However, big pharma and medical professionals were keeping it a secret. Oral medications were, and are still, such a huge money maker for big pharma that alternative treatments for ED were kept quiet. Well, you can now find non invasive and painless treatment through shockwave therapy. Many doctors and ED clinics, including Apex Health Center are pioneering this incredible treatment. However, everyone is different, and shockwave therapy may not be the answer for everyone as ED can be a result of many other health problems. Let’s get into how and why this treatment works.

Orthopedists had been using shockwave therapy to help the healing process for injured bones, ligaments and tendons for years. So, the healing power of this low-intensity therapy has been known. It works because these tiny little waves rejuvenate cells to make them repair and heal faster. Erections occur due to blood flow to the penis. Therefore, it made sense to use this phenomenon on patients experiencing erectile dysfunction. The waves penetrate into the blood vessels to repair them and make them stronger, in turn, improving blood flow. Increasing and improving blood flow are precisely what “traditional” treatments for ED, like oral medications, aim to do.

So what does a trip to the doctor’s office for this treatment look like? Nothing scary, at all!! That’s part of the beauty of this process. It’s completely non-invasive, no needles. A device that looks like a wand is moved to different areas of the penis. The entire process takes only about 15 minutes while it pulsates and sends vibrations into the correct areas, increasing the blood flow and improving erections. Oral medications can have so many different side effects, but this therapy has virtually none other than helping ED!

Shockwave therapy does not work right away though. Although there is no set schedule, as each person and case is different, a common schedule is twice a week for three weeks, a three week rest, and then another three weeks of treatment twice per week. The study that found this concluded that the effects lasted for about a year post-treatment. This study, completed in 2019, suggested that men with vasculogenic ED found the best results. This type of ED is caused by old age or an artery disease, both of which affect blood flow throughout the body. Other factors that can cause ED may be more serious or intricate, meaning this specific therapy may not be able to help them. This is why talking to your doctor to get a treatment plan designed for your specific needs is so important.

Despite the promising research and proven results, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has not yet approved shockwave therapy as treatment for ED. Therefore, it’s not usually covered by insurance and there can be unforeseen risks that are not explained, or the treatment may not work for you or live up to your standards. However, clinics like Apex Health Center that use it often, can tell you that it is definitely a great alternative to try should you be looking for other options.