November: Impotency Awareness Month

Although people struggle with it year-round, November has been deemed Impotency Awareness Month. The awareness behind ED is important for so many reasons, and this month is meant to break the stigma around erectile dysfunction. This “embarrassing” thing you may be dealing with is nothing to be ashamed of. 10% of men will have erectile dysfunction that requires treatment, but over 50% of men will experience ED at some point in their life. The numbers don’t lie, so why is the topic so taboo when it doesn’t have to be? That is what Impotency Awareness Month is all about. Letting people know that talking about ED and seeking help for ED is okay and will improve their well-being should be normalized! Let’s dive into why.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

ED could be caused by underlying health conditions. If you go to your doctor to talk about ED, you could discover you’re suffering from a much more serious problem such as high blood pressure, diabetes, prostate cancer, Peyronie’s Disease, low testosterone levels, and more. Your weight could even be affecting your erectile function, as obesity has been known to be a factor. ED is a symptom of all of these health issues, so it’s vital you act on this matter in case there are underlying conditions. Talking about your ED could possibly save your life!

How to Observe

Blood flow is what causes an erection, and what better way to increase blood flow than exercise? Doing anything to increase blood circulation will increase erectile function. So work out, dance, go on a long walk or do some work around the house to get that blood flowing where it needs to! Another great way to get it flowing is to be intimate regularly. If the penis goes too long without oxygen and blood flow, it could cause erectile function problems. Also, don’t wait to schedule a prostate exam. Enlarged prostate or prostate cancer could be the cause of your ED. So, it’s important to pay attention to your prostate health and take care of it while you can before problems like these arise.

The Conversation

“Erectile function can be very important for men. It affects their body image, manliness, fertility, and virility. They can become low and depressed. For a couple in an active relationship previously enjoying an active sex life it can be devastating, affecting their intimacy and their relationship as a couple.” said Jai Seth, a Specialist Registrar in Urology at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. I think most people would agree with him, a lot is affected if you experience impotence. This is why the conversation behind it is so important. ED is nothing to be embarrassed about when so many people deal with it. Being open to conversation about it with your partner or doctor could not only save your life, but save your relationship, and keep you in a good mental state. Don’t let it greatly affect your life.

Apex Health Center

Places like Apex Health Center are there to help you start that important conversation and figure out the best option for you. They do a full evaluation of your health to really understand where your problems may be coming from. No conversation is off-limits inside the doors of Apex, they are there to help you through your journey of getting your erectile function back on track. Apex opens its arms to anyone who has questions or needs treatment regarding ED.