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Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments

Subcutaneous pellets are an effective and convenient method to replace hormones in both men and women. Apex Health Center offers a full array of hormone injections and SottoPelle to treat hormone deficiencies and get you [...]

Weight Loss Program

At Apex Health Center our goal is to help patients look and feel their best. Our medically supervised weight loss program can help you meet these goals and provide you with the knowledge you need to make changes in your [...]

Erectile Dysfunction

More than 30 million American men suffer with erectile dysfunction, and they know how distressing and isolating it can feel. At Apex Health Center, we work with haste, discretion and care to identify and treat the source [...]

Shock Wave or Acoustic Wave Therapy

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and want to avoid needles and expensive medications, shockwave therapy is a great alternative you. Apex Health Clinic uses innovative shockwave therapy to treat men Houston, TX who [...]

Male Sexual & Performance Enhancement

If you could benefit from more confidence in the bedroom, turn to the experienced doctors at Apex Health Center in Webster, TX near Houston, TX. Our Board-Certified Doctors know just what you need and provide advanced [...]

Peyronie’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction

Peyronie’s disease results in a curved, bend or deformed penis containing excess scar tissue. This condition usually results in a very painful erection. At Apex Health Center, our doctors specialize in corrective [...]

Diabetes & Erectile Dysfunction

Those who suffer from diabetes, know the numerous ways it can affect their overall health, but they may not be aware of the negative effects diabetes can have on their sexual function. Men with erectile dysfunction [...]

Prostate & Erectile Dysfunction

If you have had to undergo treatment for prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, you are probably wondering if you’ll ever regain full sexual function. At Apex Health Center our providers are compassionate provide our [...]

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ED Treatment
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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
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Apex Health Center,
250 Blossom St, Suite 250,Webster,Texas-77598,
Telephone No.(832) 308-8040
Houston, TX
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