Erectile Dysfunction and Nutrition

It’s common knowledge that healthy eating is better for your body. A balanced diet is even proven to improve mental health on top of physical health. So what does all this mean for erectile dysfunction? How much does your diet affect your sexual function? Well, let’s dive into it and see if we can get some answers.


ED, a male’s inability to maintain an erection, can be caused by a number of different things. Physical or emotional factors can include hormonal imbalances, issues with blood flow, nervous system problems, stress and anxiety, and even depression. It can even be caused by a medication you are taking to treat another physical issue you may be having. People with diabetes or obesity may be at a higher risk.


Some treatments for ED that are available include oral medication, hormone therapy, shockwave therapy, and more. However, sometimes these treatments alone are not enough to help erectile dysfunction. Lifestyle changes can also greatly help sexual dysfunction. Exercising regularly to increase blood flow, and maintain a healthy weight. Also, limiting drug and alcohol use, especially tobacco. Remaining sexually active with yourself or a partner is also vital for sexual health. Studies also show that keeping a balanced diet and getting the proper nutrition your body needs is also a necessary action to be taken to keep or improve your sexual health.

Effects of Nutrition

A study from 2018 found that people on a Mediterranean diet were less likely to experience ED. This diet favors fish and primarily plant-based foods with the elimination of processed foods. These foods help with overall health but also keep weight down. Since maintaining a lower weight is helpful for sexual health, this helps in many different ways.

Another study showed that consuming cocoa, which is high in antioxidants, specifically flavonoids, can help prevent ED. Other foods rich in this are vegetables, fruits, dark chocolate, nuts, grains, tea, and even wine! Flavonoids are known to help increase blood flow, which is the main factor in maintaining an erection.

This study, done in 2011, shows that 17 males that suffered from ED who ate pistachios every day for 3 weeks, all had results that improved their ED. Pistachios are packed with a ton of health benefits that indirectly help sexual function. So, including those in your diet regularly can help.


Overall, keeping a healthier lifestyle filled with regular exercise and nutritious food can help your sexual function greatly. Of course, this may not be enough to reverse the issue, and a combination of treatments may be best. Call Apex health center today to talk about which erectile dysfunction treatment may be best for you.