Safe & effective access to your own stem cells

Stem Cell Therapy

The CaverStem® Procedure

This patented, state-of-the-art process allows safe and effective access to your own stem cells. A relatively simple and convenient procedure conducted right here in our office allows us to retrieve the stem cells from where they are most abundant in your body: your bone marrow.

Local anesthetic is applied, and a special needle is used at the hip area to collect the cells. The stem cells are then processed using FDA-approved equipment to enrich the quantity and quality of the stem cells and platelets. This solution is then injected directly into the erectile tissue of the penis, after the area is anesthetized.  You should experience little to no discomfort during the procedure, and no downtime afterward. The entire process takes just an hour.

Stem cell therapy is 100% natural – and, because your own cells are used, there is no immune system rejection. Best of all, it offers lasting results because it helps to reverse the underlying cause of ED.

Discover the benefits of CaverStem® stem cell therapy for ED today.

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