Benefits of Shock Wave or Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Benefits as a Treatment

  • Shockwave Therapy treats causes rather than symptoms
  • Spontaneous erections are enabled
  • 21 days for visible results
  • Clinics have proven lasting results
  • Zero side effects and safe
  • No pain and no invasive procedure is required for treatment
  • By increasing blood flow the natural repair abilities triggered
  • Improves sex with long lasting, strong and firm erections
  • 69-70% Rate of Success
  • Treatments like medications are compatible

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can cause a host of problems beyond the bedroom; an unfulfilling sex life can affect mood and mental health which can lead to problems at home, in the workplace, and within the social sphere. The professional team at Apex Health Center understands the importance of correcting the cause of erectile dysfunction as a means to improve sexual health as well as all other aspects of life. We practice regenerative medicine as a solution to erectile issues that can grow worse with time as a result of disuse and subsequent loss of function. We take a proactive approach to erectile treatment that quickly and safely addresses the problem while also preventing future issues.

The Significance of Early Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, like many other medical problems, must be diagnosed by a doctor, and early treatment of ED can help guarantee the best possible treatment outcome. When erectile dysfunction is left untreated, healthy penile tissue can deteriorate as a natural result of the disuse of the organ. Significant deterioration can limit treatment options and make correcting the problem more difficult which is why identifying the problem at an early stage is essential to effective treatment. Not only does early diagnosis allow for easier treatment, but it also helps doctors and patients discuss a plan for proactive steps that will reduce the likelihood of future concerns. Early treatment for erectile disorders can prevent deterioration altogether if treatment is started early enough.

Erectile issues are part of a man’s overall wellness, and these issues can negatively impact many aspects of everyday life. Identifying and correcting the cause of erectile issues at an early stage can lead to a fulfilling sex life and benefit all other venues of life.

Is Acoustic Wave the Right Choice for Me?

Acoustic wave therapy is most effective for men with mild to moderate erectile dysfunction, regardless of conditions including diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, or heart disease. Up to 70% of all men who undergo acoustic wave therapy see noticeable improvements that allow them to achieve an erection without the aid of pills. Other treatment options are also available for men who are unable to undergo acoustic wave therapy and those who do not see significant improvement. A preliminary medical assessment performed by our qualified practitioner is required before any treatment can be performed.

Acoustic Wave and Erectile Issues

One of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction is a vascular problem that restricts blood flow to the penis, prohibiting the body from achieving or maintaining an erection from natural arousal. Inadequate blood flow to the penis can cause blood to prematurely empty from the erect penis which can cause a weak erection or impair the ability to maintain an erection.

While most erectile dysfunction treatments seek to create an erection without addressing underlying issues, ED Acoustic Wave Therapy is different. In addition to its use as erectile dysfunction treatment, acoustic wave therapy has also been utilized in various medical fields including urology, vascular medicine, and even cardiology. In the same way that cardiologists have utilized acoustic wave therapy to encourage new cardiovascular blood vessels, we are successfully using the technology to stimulate blood vessel growth in the penis. Acoustic waves are focused on the genitals to generate new blood vessel growth within the penile tissue which, over time, will stimulate increased and sustained blood flow for achieving and maintaining erections.


Shockwave Therapy treats causes rather than symptoms

Treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction with pills does not provide a long-lasting, sustainable solution because it does not treat the cause of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic wave therapy works by stimulating growth in the existing damaged or restricted blood vessels that carry blood to the penis. Once the blood vessels are repaired, men can achieve natural erections without medication. By targeting the problem, acoustic wave therapy reduces reliance on pills and other treatments to achieve and maintain erections.

Spontaneous erections are enabled

Erectile dysfunction medications must typically be taken prior to sexual activity, and they require time to take effect, removing the spontaneity from sexual relations. After successful treatment with acoustic wave therapy, men regain their natural ability to become erect from arousal, eliminating dependence on medications that require planning ahead for sex. Men who find success with acoustic wave therapy also never need to worry about forgetting their pills at home.

21 days for visible results

Three weeks is all it takes for men to see visible results from acoustic wave therapy. After this short period of time, men will begin to experience natural and spontaneous erections without the aid of medications. These visible results will lead to a more exciting sex life that can be sustained without dependence on other forms of erectile dysfunction treatment.

Zero side effects and safe

Acoustic wave therapy has been clinically proven to provide results that last as long as two to three years after treatment. While individual factors including overall wellness and lifestyle choices factor into the overall success, it is believed the results could prove to be more permanent than other forms of treatment.

No pain and no invasive procedure is required for treatment

As an FDA-approved treatment option, there have been no reported side effects directly linked to acoustic wave therapy. Mild discomfort post-treatment has been reported in a small number of patients and can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers. The state-of-the-art equipment used to perform the procedure is used for multiple other medical applications, and when used by a qualified technician produces no negative side effects.

Non-invasive, totally painless

Unlike surgical procedures, acoustic wave therapy offers a non-invasive solution to erectile dysfunction. The regenerative vibrations stimulate a natural healing process within the body that restores blood vessels and improves blood flow to the penis. Because the treatment is non-surgical, it’s also a pain-free option that many patients describe as producing a tingling sensation.

By increasing blood flow the natural repair abilities triggered

Acoustic wave therapy is different from other ED treatments in that it repairs the source of the problem instead of treating the symptoms. Damaged blood vessels are the primary source of most cases of erectile dysfunction. Acoustic wave therapy triggers the body’s natural repair mechanisms to improve blood vessel health thereby increasing blood flow for a natural arousal response.

Improves sex with long lasting, strong and firm erections

Diminished sex life can put a strain on relationships as well as affect other areas of life. Treating erectile dysfunction with acoustic wave therapy can help improve men’s ability to achieve and maintain stronger, longer-lasting erections without the need for pills or pumps, allowing for more spontaneity and improved sexual relationships.

69-70% Rate of Success

For men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, acoustic wave therapy has proven beneficial to improving the quality of erections in 70% of men who have undergone treatment. While some men may not achieve their desired results, the high percentage who do benefit are able to achieve and maintain natural erections over a sustained period of time after the procedure.

Treatments like medications are compatible

Undergoing acoustic wave therapy does not inhibit other treatment options for erectile dysfunction. This treatment is ideal for improving the root cause of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction, but some men may choose to continue symptom treatment as well, including the use of performance-enhancing pills. It is completely safe and effective to combine other treatments with acoustic wave therapy.

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